Continuing Education

Continuing Education for California Licensed Midwives


Note: this list is not exhaustive and it is not guaranteed that all CEU opportunities listed will meet criteria set by the Medical Board of California for Licensed Midwives. It is your responsibility to confirm that the CEUs you are taking meet the requirements of the Medical Board.

Medical Board Requirements for CEUs for LMs

Click here to read the official California Code of Regulations that dictate continuing education requirements for Licensed Midwives.

Philosophy of a Senior Licensed Midwife on Continuing Education (must read!)

Continuing education has to do with topics that are above and beyond basic entry-level education. It is for already practicing professionals to attain new and updated and more sophisticated information or skills useful to the profession. The target audience is those who have completed their licensing requirements and are authorized to be in professional practice.

Continuing education is about professional development. It is not just an irritation or a bureaucratic thorn in our sides, no matter how much it feels like that at times. It is about adding to our knowledge and skills, and about maintaining and improving our expertise and excellence and accountability. It is about recognizing that there are differences in how things are done in different places and times, and that we can lift each other up when we incorporate those differences into ourselves.

I have gone to MANA and CAM (and occasional others like ICM and Midwifery Today and APPPAH) most years for decades. It is valuable to me because of the greater world that I drop into each time I attend. Believe me, I recognize the difficulties of caseload, on call, family, and finances that make getting to these events challenging, and sometimes beyond challenging.

Still, I believe that we must protect our professional development by being creative in finding our way to the greater circle of midwives. Being face to face is different from listservs and social media. We can know better who we are when we sit in physical space with our crowd. (And it is so easy to get all — or at least most of — the CE you might need!)

Those who are in solo practice, as I was for most of my forty years doing this work: I hope you will figure out how to get to some of these gatherings. Is there another solo sister midwife with whom you might alternate years for the five-or-so days that a conference might take? Then the women who come to you can be well informed long beforehand of the few days you won’t be available, with plenty of time to know your backup. Personally, it was always so important to me to be there in person that I sometimes didn’t take on any women for the weeks surrounding a conference. The challenges were worth it.  –Karen Ehrlich, LM, CPM (LM6)

Resources for finding CEUs

Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC)

(distance and in-person CEUs and information on applying for CEUs for a class you teach, etc.)

CAM Annual Conference

MANA Annual Conference

National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (distance CEUs)

Mercy in Action (distance CEUs)

Evidence Based Birth (distance CEUs)

Be sure the ones you select are approved by ACNM as some are just approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing, which may not be accepted by the MBC.

Lynn Arnold, LM, CPM

(In-person workshops, need to arrange) Lynn can arrange to come to your area to present back to back workshops on midwifery topics. It’s best if you plan for multiple workshops on consecutive days and get other local midwives to attend.

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Birth Emergency Skills Training

PESI Healthcare

(Nursing CEUs, some relevant to our practice, distance and in-person options)

Has live webinars and seminars to attend both in-person and distance. Can search for Obstetrics and/or browse their healthcare topics. They offer in-person classes (typically 6 CEUs for a 1-day class) at least in the SF Bay area and the LA area fairly regularly.

Professional Education Center

UCSF Annual Antepartum-Intrapartum Management Conference


Miscellaneous on-line courses:  insurance billing, fetal assessment in labor, Labor after Cesarean in the Community Setting and others.

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