What is the current status of the 42 week rule for California licensed midwives? What are your ethical obligations to providing care for your clients who reach the 42 week mark? How can licensed midwives advocate for change that provides the safest possible care for the clients of licensed midwives?

Join CALM members for a webinar led by Katherine Hemple, Ph.D. and CALM’s legislative and policy consultant.


Wednesday, April 25th at noon
Where: Online webinar (register for details)
Who: Free for CALM members (registration required)

About the facilitator:
Katherine Hemple, Ph.D., has over twenty years of experience working in politically diverse states to successfully advance midwifery legislation and to help midwifery advocates hold their ground against efforts to roll back the gains that have been made in the legislative arena. Her areas of expertise include bill drafting and review; grassroots organizing and mobilization; advocacy training; messaging, and public relations.

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