Legislative Agenda

Legislative, Policy and Professional Agenda and Goals to forward the California licensed midwife profession 2016/2017

April 2016 licensed midwifery leadership and individual advocates met to develop a plan to forward the profession of licensed midwifery in California and to continue advocacy for maternity care clients.  
A summary of the plan is as follows:
  • Work with the California Department of Public Health Care to reinstate the data fields, for ‘planned place of birth’ and care provider type, in the vital records birth registration
  • Continue advocacy for VBAC access (AB1308 regulations)
  • Resolve the 42 week issue by revisiting legislature to include an evidence-based criteria and/or language that includes informed consent and right of access to care
  • Add California licensed midwives to the list of professionals with protected peer review
  • Begin implementation of a comprehensive quality care program, including education of allied healthcare providers and ‘smooth transitions’ program(modelled after MAWs smooth transitions)