2024 CALM Updates and Membership Drive

2024 CALM Updates and Membership Drive

The past year has been one of introspection and revelation for me as CALM’s President.

Spending the better part of 2023 in partnership with members of the board of Californians for the Advancement of Midwifery to develop their three-year Strategic Plan brought home a simple but important realization.

Midwives can’t do it alone.

In our work we rely daily on partnership. Partnerships with other midwives, with other providers, with our clients. In this bigger work of protecting, growing, and sustaining the midwifery profession in California, our success depends on others.

Our future depends on partnering with allies like CAM, and on partnering with you.

Unlike other healthcare professions in this state, we don’t have the deep pockets or the political clout that fuels growth and sustainability. More challenging, we stand alone among healthcare professions in actually needing protection from larger forces such as the hostile regulatory climate or the discrimination from hospitals and insurers that California’s community midwives face every day.

So this year, in addition to reminding you of the benefits of CALM membership, I’m reminding you of the importance of CALM membership.

I’m asking each of you not just to renew your own membership July 1st, but to recruit another midwife to join CALM. 

If every member recruited one other member, we would have the financial resources we need to take our mutual efforts to the next level by funding a shared Executive Director position with CAM.

An Executive Director will manage many of the many administrative necessities that come with running an organization consistently and smoothly. Funding a management position is critical to free up our working board to partner with our allies on doing the more strategic work of legislative and policy advocacy.

Thank you for renewing your support of the only professional association in California for community midwives. In addition to renewing July 1st, please take a moment to forward this message to any midwives you know who are not members and ask them to join. 

They won’t regret it! A full 95% of CALM members surveyed said they would recommend membership to other California midwives. Watch for your renewal instructions in the coming weeks. Instructions vary depending on whether you're set up for auto renew and/or if you are changing membership type. In the meantime pass it along!

Here are some of the many benefits of being a CALM member:

  • Discounts on malpractice insurance and other services
  • Continuing education CEUs on a broad range of practice issues
  • Personal listing on the high-traffic Find a Midwife interactive tool (LMs and Nurse Midwives)
  • Quality Improvement Program Under Protected Peer Review
  • Voting rights to determine CALM’s priorities and use of resources (LMs)
  • Qualification for Birth Center Division Membership (LMs and Nurse Midwives)
  • Amplifying your voice in Sacramento and ensuring your place at the policy table
  • Ensuring the best possible legislation for California midwifery and pushing back against anti-midwife legislation
  • Webinars on timely topics to inform your practice
  • Ask Calm Anything Zoom calls
  • Licensed Midwife Title Badge (LMs and Nurse Midwives)
  • Resources to keep you up to date on the issues that impact you as a licensed midwife
  • Guidance and support during disciplinary proceedings


Rosanna Davis LM
California Association of Licensed Midwives

Join or Renew

How has CALM been standing up for California’s midwifery community?

In 2022 the value of your CALM membership went to support our work on multiple new and ongoing initiatives. Our benchmark achievements for the year include:

Completed the first phase of the California Community College CCC Initiative for Licensed Midwives, with a Licensed Midwife Program feasibility study, Licensed Midwife Program proposal, and ongoing collaboration with strategic partners, including the California Healthcare Foundation.

Received a strategic planning grant from the California Health Care Foundation, as well as a CHCF grant for continued work on the CCC initiative.

Engaged with the California Department of Health Care Access and Information to raise awareness about licensed midwives, in preparation for applying for grant money to fund CCC Licensed Midwife Program start-up costs.

Collaborated as partners with other stakeholding groups in several multi-state initiatives, including: Smooth Transitions Work Group; Western State Midwifery Associations Quality Improvement Collaborative; Consensus Work Group on Intermittent Auscultation; California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative CMQCC Vaginal Birth Toolkit; and CMQCC Community Birth Partnership Initiative

Secured an author to introduce AB 1767 Boerner-Horvath, which creates the California Board of Licensed Midwives. Though the bill did not advance to a committee hearing and will need to be re-introduced, CALM has continued to testify at hearings and work with the Medical Board of California in maintaining ongoing support for a licensed midwife board.

Represented licensed midwives in multiple meetings with the Department of Health Care Services to hold the agency accountable for failing to meet its statutory responsibilities to reimburse for midwifery care in community settings. CALM has provided a comprehensive list of codes and recommended edits to the provider manual, which DHCS anticipates will be released this summer.

Participated in a three-year midwifery learning collaborative with the Institute for Medicaid Innovation, which joins stakeholders nationwide in developing an alternative payment model for midwifery services.

Partnered with the University of California San Francisco, with funding from CHCF, to develop a comprehensive Licensed Midwife Survey, which was implemented in 2022 with a report of findings to be released in 2023. The survey will assist the CCC initiative with comprehensive workforce data.

Collaborated with Purchasers Business Group on Health to increase awareness about the landscape and realities of licensed midwife managed birth centers and community birth transfers.

Completed updates for CALM’s Welcome Packet for New and New to California Licensed Midwives.

As always, I welcome any questions or suggestions from members, and I am grateful to everyone who joins and supports us in this work. You represent the true value in CALM’s mission, serving California’s birthing families while supporting your professional association so it can support you.


Rosanna Davis LM
California Association of Licensed Midwives