Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Rosanna Davis, LM, CPM

Rosanna Davis, LM, CPM, is a leader in the state and national midwifery community, serving as the California Association of Licensed Midwives president since 2014. She is the founding president of the California Association of Licensed Midwives Foundation. Her focus includes ensuring equitable access to midwifery care for all families, quality assurance and quality improvement for the profession, and improving access to culturally matched licensed midwives in California.


Vice President  

Pearl Yu LM, CPM


Board Members  

Jhoanna Galvez, LM, CPM

Alicia Hubbell, LM

Khailylah (Kiki) Jordan, LM

Racha Tahani Lawler, LM

Bianca (Tema) Mercado, LM

Renee Sicignano, LM

Michelle Welborn, LM, CPM



Non-midwife, non-director officers

Chief Financial Officer: Jocelyn Dugan, MBA

Secretary: Jen Kamel


Region Reps

Kayti Buehler

Rosanna Davis

Sara Howard

Jessica Johnson

Tracy Lough

Tania McCracken

Sharon Potteiger

Dania Shelton

Lauren Slak

Michelle Welborn

Board Meetings

March 2, 2018, Sacramento
August 17, 2018, Sacramento
December 7, 2018, Sacramento
Date TBA (April MBC Meeting in LA)

CALM members are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. Email to be included as a guest if you would like to attend.