Core Documents

Core Documents

When AB1308 (Bonilla) passed in 2013 it removed from regulations the following Standard of Care and Guidelines that were in place and working well since 2005.  Here is a copy of that document and the subsequent VBAC regulations :

Standard of Care for California Licensed Midwives 2005


Below is a link to a copy of the current ‘Guidelines’ .  The 2005 Standard of Care was the template for the current ‘Guidelines’, which were edited to comply with AB1308 changes:

Practice Guidelines for California Licensed Midwives 2014  

The California licensed midwifery practice act was modified in 2013 by AB 1308 Bonilla to require specific disclosures at the onset of care. Two sample disclosure forms are provided here:

LM disclosure provided by the Medical Board of California

LM disclosure template created by California Association of Midwives attorney in 2013

In 1999, The Osborn Decision, by Judge Jaime Rene Roman, established that physician supervision of licensed midwives was onerous and that midwifery is a discipline separate from the practice of medicine.

Read the Osborn Decision