Legislative Update

Legislative Updates


Protect VBAC and access to licensed midwifery in California.

Proposed VBAC Ban update:

November 7, 2019, the Medical Board of California (MBC) proposed legislation to ban VBAC with licensed midwives. Although the MBC voted against proposing the legislation in their most recent meeting, they also closed by saying “this issue needs to be resolved” and that “the next time around, we might not vote no.”

CALM Position:

CALM advocates for patient autonomy and for pregnant people to have birth options. CALM objects to any restrictions on access to expert providers for their planned place of birth.

CALM is currently advocating for a proactive legislative strategy, including a comprehensive and sustainable solution to restrictions in scope and the regulatory stalemates that serve to limit access to care.

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Thursday's MBC Meeting

NEW! Unable to attend the meeting? Watch online.

California supporters of reproductive justice who are opposed to banning VBAC with LMs will be attending the MBC board meeting on Thursday, November 7th to make our opposition clear. 

Follow along the meeting! It will be telecast here.

Find the meeting agenda here. (See item 11b here as well).

We will provide updates as soon as possible.