Legislative Volunteer Letter


If you have planned or had a VBAC outside of the hospital with a California Licensed Midwife, or if you plan to have a VBAC with an LM in the future, the Medical Board of California needs to hear from you!

The Medical Board of California is currently drafting legislation that would change current law so that LMs will be barred from attending VBAC births in any setting, both at home and in birth centers.
You can send an email or a letter to the Medical Board’s Chief of Legislation (contact information below).

In a few simple words, please highlight your experiences with:

  • Challenges in finding a physician or hospital that would support your VBAC
  • The positive care that you’ve received from your LM in informing you about the benefits, risks, and alternatives to VBAC vs. a repeat cesarean section
  • How your LM has helped you avoid surgery that would be performed at your local hospital even if it would not be medically indicated

You can email Jennifer Simoes, Chief of Legislation for the MBC, at Jennifer.Simoes@mbc.ca.gov.

Or you can send a snail-mail letter, postmarked by November 1, to this address:

Jennifer Simoes, Chief of Legislation
Medical Board of California - Executive Office 2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1200
Sacramento, CA 95815

If you plan to attend the meeting in San Diego on Thursday, November 7, when the Medical Board will be considering the VBAC-ban proposal, or if you would like to speak before the Medical Board about this proposal, please click here.

Thank you for making your voice heard! Now is the time for all of us who support access to the full range of birth options in California to take a stand against efforts roll back the progress we’ve fought so long and so hard for.