Birth Announcement Postcards

Birth Announcement Postcards to California Legislators

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Thank you for taking the opportunity to help your clients advocate for midwifery care old-school style! Californians for the Advancement of Midwifery (CAM) has created this birth announcement for midwives to help clients fill out and mail to their California legislators.

Birth announcements are a fun and joyful way of reminding legislators that babies, their “newest constituents,” are being born at home and in freestanding birth centers under the watchful care of licensed midwives providing community-based maternity care in their districts.

Postcards were sent to all CALM members in packets of 22 each (two for each client). The mailing included detailed instructions. If you've run out, or never received yours (maybe we need an updated address from you) and/or want to order an other packet of 22, fill out this form.

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