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Silke Akerson, CPM, LDM

Co-creating a Midwifery Model of Quality Improvement in California

4 hr interactive workshop (4 CEUs**)

Seeking the best possible peer review? Concerned that others that don’t understand the midwifery model of care will step in and regulate our profession? Worried that the medical association is chipping away at our scope of practice? Want to reduce the risk of complaints, license investigations, and lawsuits?

Midwives have excellent outcomes. Together, we can demonstrate this and support one another in our continued growth and excellence. Join us as we proactively create sustainable safe midwifery care for generations to come. Learn about how other states have improved outcomes and collaborative relationships through midwife-led, midwife-friendly processes. Give your feedback on peer review and incident review processes for CALM. Co-create the beginnings of a roadmap for local, regional, and state-level quality improvement programs.

Led by Rosanna Davis, Silke Akerson, CPM, LDM (remote), and Jeanette McCulloch

One hundred percent of participants in this workshop in the Bay Area said they would recommend it to other midwives. As one said, “It will absolutely influence my next peer review. It will influence how I document. It inspires me to be on the CALM Transitions committee.”


Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM

Evidence-Informed Decision Making and Person-Centered Care: Holistic Risk Assessment for Community Midwives

4 hr interactive workshop (4 CEUs**)
In this hands-on, interactive workshop, learn about what research tells us about risk in the community setting and how to apply that knowledge to your assessment of risk for individual clients. Together, we will discuss shared decision making and key ethical questions like how to proceed when your assessment of risk is different than the family you serve. This session will include role play, break outs, and case studies.

Led by Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM

“This is the best way to get the most current evidence about actual risks to birthing families in the community setting and apply that information into clinical decision making and care planning - level up your midwifery care game!”


Rosanna Davis, LM, CPM, BS

How’s the Baby Doing? – A Midwifery Model of Fetal Surveillance

4 hr hands-on skill building workshop (4 CEUs**)
Fetal monitoring is vital to quality care during labor and birth. Join us to gain evidence-informed updates and hands-on skills for structured intermittent auscultation in the community birth setting!

Led by Rosanna Davis, LM, CPM, BS and Courtney Everson, PhD

From “Definitely will change the way I listen to heart tones!” to “I plan to implement this method immediately” to “I’m not changing a thing,” this workshop inspires important discussion and lively debate on the art and science of fetal surveillance.


Nkem Ndefo, MA, RN, LM

Trauma- and Resilience-Informed Care

4 hr interactive workshop (4 CEUs**)
This workshop will lead participants on an interactive journey into the trauma- and resilience-informed approach. Through a combination of focused lecture and exploratory discussions, we will examine sources of trauma on the interpersonal, community, and systems level, as well as the holistic impact of trauma on birthing people. We will discuss the meaning of trauma-informed principles and explore the linkages between midwife self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience-building as they relate to professional quality of life and effective trauma-responsive client care.

Led by Nkem Ndefo, MA, RN, LM

One of the most popular sessions at our Bay Area workshop! One participant summed up the feedback: “This workshop changed my view on trauma and my assumptions on who is impacted by it. In changing my perspective and also giving tools for what to do with that information, my practice is forever changed.”


** 16 continuing education credits applied for. Watch here for updates on final CEUs awarded.

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