Social Media Policy

The California Association of Licensed Midwives is a community of licensed midwives and their supporters. We have created online communities with the goal of creating a safe place for discussion of our efforts.

When posting on our social media sites, we ask that you:

Keep it friendly and positive. We are here to support one another in our efforts to ensure that California licensed midwives are visible, integrated into California’s health care system, accessible and valued providers of maternity care throughout California.

Stay focused on birth options in California. Our goal is to value and strengthen the profession of California licensed midwives through advocacy and training. While we understand that many of our supporters may be active in other issues, we ask that you not post on topics that may divide our community. These include abortion, circumcision, and the decision whether or not to vaccinate. Please do not promote your business, sell items, or conduct business in our community. If you would like to promote an event and are unsure if it falls within our guidelines, please contact us at

Manage disagreements thoughtfully and respectfully. We value the conversations that will help us all learn more by engaging in healthy dissent. Please ensure that your comments respectfully articulate your disagreement with a person’s ideas and do not attack the individual. We will protect our community as a safe space by deleting comments that are abusive or do not respect community members.

Respect all members of our community. Comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic will not be tolerated. Similarly, comments that are not supportive of people of different abilities, sizes, or religions, or those who are gender non-conforming, will also be deleted.

Keep your personal information safe. We strongly discourage you from sharing personal information, such as your phone, address, or e-mail address in public forums such as any social media platform we maintain.

Keep your language positive. Posts or comments containing foul, abusive, profane or vulgar language will be deleted. Content that is of a sexual or explicit nature will also be deleted.

No medical advice. Our site cannot provide medical advice online. Please contact your health care provider for health care concerns.

Ensure copyrights and personal information are protected. Please do not share photos, videos, or other information that is either copyrighted or for which you do not have permission.

Please bring your questions about our community policy to a moderator. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to message us privately on Facebook or e-mail us here at Please do not post publicly with questions about why your comment was deleted. If you are truly unsure, contact us and we’re happy to share with you our reasoning.