VBAC Guidelines Comment Period 12-13-2021 to 02-18-2022

Labor After Cesarean in Community Settings -- CALM Member Review of Draft Guidelines -- Phase I

A Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Guideline of the California Association of Licensed Midwives

Draft contributors: Jen Kamel, Tania McCracken LM, Rosanna Davis LM, Melissa Cheney LDM PhD & Katherine Hemple PhD

Version December 13, 2021

Thank you for participating in this critical process for best practices in developing professional guidelines.

Please begin by downloading and reading through the current version of the LAC/VBAC Guidelines. Download here to get started, then return to the form.

Then submit your edits in the following form where the paragraphs are numbered.

During this phase of community engagement (12/13/2021 to 2/13/2021), we are fielding member feedback to evaluate the draft’s articulated recommendations for Intrapartum Management in Section 4-14, Items a)-l). Specifically, are the recommended actions well enough detailed and precise without being unreasonable? Are any strong recommendations worded so that compliance with the recommendation can be met and evaluated? If not, please make recommended edits and/or comments in the feedback form. Keep in mind that professional clinical guidelines can and will be used to evaluate care for quality improvement purposes, license investigation and malpractice.

Feel free to also comment or offer feedback, additions and edits to the rest of the document

At the end of the form there are required fields where you can give your overall impressions and if you feel the guidelines are reasonable for you to use and follow.

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